BIN Checker & IIN Validate

Look-up the bank issuer of a credit card or debit card by entering the first six or eight digits of the card:


Validate and verify the IIN and BIN number of any credit card or debit card by looking up the card’s registered details. These numbers identify the institution that issued the card to the card holder and the country from which it was issued. The company permitting the use of the IIN/BIN is referred to as the ‘IIN/BIN sponsor’ and the entity that uses the IIN/BIN to issue cards is frequently called the ‘affiliate member’. Many credit card issuers also print the first four digits of the IIN/BIN on their credit card, just beneath where the number is embossed, as an added security measure.


Issuer Identification Numbers (IINs), also known as Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) are the first 6 or 8 digits of a credit card or debit card number found on the front of the card. This number, in total, is known as the Primary Account Number (PAN). The details registered to an IIN and BIN are used to help identify potential security breaches or identity theft, by comparing such things as the location of the valid issuing institution and the address of the cardholder.

IINs and BINs from around the world